Friday the 13th

Concrete adventures. Secrets untold. White dress. Black heels. Frustrated attempt for lipsticks and rouge. City lights through car windows. Slow, fast. Profanities over traffic. Disco lights. Laces of black and white. Selfies and contorted faces, hundreds of them. Hands up in the air. Sweet adrenaline. Photobooths and silliness. Street at midnight. A smile reflected. This is college. Ateneo in pitch black. A technicolor at the end of the light. Pulsating party going all night. Kinetic energy. Electrons fussing all over. Party-crashing. Sweat and energy. High in frequency. Feeling infinity. Memorized lyrics. Thrown up to the heavens. Oh, all right. Wide-eyed conversations. Snap of the hand recognitions. A drop of sin. Flows through the hemoglobin. First time glory. Sweet energy. A pause, a stop, a rest. Time to listen to the jest. Waiting shed. Alcohol speaks from the soul of friends. I wait and listen. Cricket sounds. Bright skies through empty branches. Soberity comes. Good morning, friend. Let us rest. We go up. We go home. 

Better than life. Better is life.